Infrastructure Services

We understand that Infrastructure is the backbone of your entire business operations. It is very critical that this backbone operates efficiently and reliably. At APF Technologies we can help you build an intelligent infrastructure that drives high performance. Our Infrastructure Experts understand administration, digital business, capacity planning, even disaster recovery network security.

We are an agile digital business with an agile IT infrastructure. Our professionals are able to flex and respond to any marketplace change. We can help our clients navigate the journey to design, build and valuate the architecture of the core infrastructure systems using both subjective and objective measures. Our goal is to help organizations adopt innovative technologies to get the most of their infrastructure.

At APF Technologies we offer:

  • Installing your server hardware and software
  • Capacity planning to help you meet your performance goal.
  • Allocating computing power and data storage to meet your business’ needs
  • Identify and analyze critical systems for disaster recovery plan
  • Developing processes for the life cycle of your server or storage platform that ensure your access to the storage you need
  • Provide network security securing your network using a blend of hardware and software
  • Design and Implement requirements gathering
  • Optimizing your server or storage platform to meet or exceed your business requirements
  • Creating an integrated operations framework that is proactive and predictive.
  • Maintaining the overall health of your server, including fixing hardware or operating system issues, addressing patches and monitoring the system
  • Securing your server, securing applications and meeting your corporate or legal security values