Software Design, Development & Support

IT systems are the foundation for achieving high performance in today’s business environment—but they must be agile, cost-effective and able to use disruptive technology. Our team is designed to help turn your software systems and processes into a true competitive advantage. Code for very specific tasks that will make your business more profitable. Are you ready to improve the performance, quality, usability and agility of your IT systems?


Growing global business challenges and technology complexities mean organizations need a trusted development ally to leverage Java technology to its fullest extent. APF Technologies is such an ally. APF Technologies helps clients design and deliver new Java-based applications, speeding time to market and improving the quality, usability and agility of your IT systems.

For your next application, use Java.

At APF Technologies we support complex, large-scale Java development initiatives with proven methodology, tools and architectures. APF Technologies provides Java application development services in the following areas:

  • Embedded Software
  • Application Modernization & Optimization
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Software Package Customization
  • Large & Complex System Delivery
  • Mobile
  • Open Source Platforms (JBoss/Spring)
  • Cloud
  • Web Solutions


Here at APF Technologies our agile approach is intended to improve efficiency, delivery time, and project cost. If you have a business that uses Microsoft software on most or all of your servers, then using .NET will work for you. The consistency of Microsoft software across your systems will make training, support and software integration easy. We’ve spent decades mastering software development; our team can help you build applications your employees and customers will love and accelerate time-to-market so you can beat your competitors. With .NET, our developers our trained to write high quality software that interacts natively. So you get consistent security management and proven interoperability among common tools like Microsoft Office, browsers, remote servers and legacy applications. This gives your employees comprehensive access to the data they need, especially as cloud computing grows.